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While unpacking after our 1000 mile move from East Coast to the midwest, I found the brand-new journal I had purchased for 2009. I had purchased it with great expectation on a rare excursion with my hubby. We were celebrating our anniversary (#6) and spent part of our day sans toddlers enjoying each other’s company at B&N.

When I found it in my “momento/to be stored” box, I carefully set it on the bookshelf and there it has remained till yesterday, only 5 months later. I finally re-opened the leather journal to find only two entries, one in January and the other in March. I did add in one more today.. but really 365 days and only 3 entries. Although, I do have a ton of pictures — they are floating, unorganized elements in cyberspace. Sadly, I have no scrapbooks, web blogs, or other organized, somewhat coherent record of the year.

So, I am determined in some way to capture snippets of life in 2010. The happenings of our household, our boys’ childhood, and also those things that are me — outside of mama and wife. I’m one of those people who find it hard to start something if it’s not perfectly laid out in my mind. This is a classic example of perfect being an enemy of the good. So, I’m just going to try out this blog. It may or may not be quite what I’m looking for and therefore, it may or may not last. Quite frankly, I can’t decide between wordpress and blogspot. But, the key for me now is to start. We’ll see where we end up — regardless, I do hope it’s with more than 5 pages of journaling.


Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

I know exactly how you feel. It is easy to feel like you aren't doing enough to cherish memories.

I used to be so on top of keeping things documented, but with the addition of each new little child to love, documentation has taken a back seat to loving them and house cleaning/keeping after them. I pray to God above for special graces. Perhaps someday (oh, please, Dear Lord) my children will still have fresh in their memories all of the wonderful things we did together and shared together as a family - with or without scrapbooks or journals or blogs. I wish this for you, too!

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

Totally agree with you. Better to have lived well than to appear to have done so on paper. But, a little of the latter would be nice too. Especially for forgetful ones like me. ;)

handbags*n*pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Im exactly the same way. Im not a scrapbooker. I even started journals for the girls and theyve been sorely forgotten and laid by the wayside. Ohhhhh...but as you say itd be nice to have a balance of the two.