Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is one of those staple dishes we typically make once a week at our house. Today, we'll have it with rice, a dal curry, and an indian vegetable. Tomorrow, I'll probably make chappatis. I don't follow a recipe, so it usually tastes different from batch to batch. Perhaps one of these days I'll write down a real recipe, but in the interim this is the basic method for our (south indian) curry:

Heat some oil in a heavy pot
Fry mustard seed. Once popped, add in your whole spice. Today, I used 3 dry red chilis, 2, 1-in. cinammon sticks, 3 cardamom pods, 4 cloves, 1 star anise, 1/2 tspn of fennel seeds, and 3 bay leaves
Once you can smell the aroma, add in your onions (2 medium). I like to put this in first and let it caramelize well before I add in the garlic (10 cloves) and ginger (2 inches)
Once brown (but not burned), add in a tomato or a couple spoons of tomato paste

Add in ground spices. I use coriander powder (2 heaping tspns), chicken masala powder (3 heaping tspns), red chili powder (3/4 tspn), and turmeric (1/4 tspn) and fry well

Add cut chicken* and salt and black pepper to taste. Mix well. Once it begins to boil, lower heat and let simmer
When almost done, add in a couple tspns of garam masala and a tspn of red pepper flakes. Stir and finish cooking
Add chopped cilantro and serve

* I don't have a good estimate on the pounds.  Today I used 4 split chicken breasts and 5 drumsticks. 


legendswife said... Best Blogger Tips

yum that looks delish...will have to try. Thanks for the recipe.

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

you're welcome.. wish i could be more specific.

mthomas said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks awesome. Can't wait to get home.

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

We love chicken curry at our house!!! Though I've only made it once myself and it didn't turn out as wonderfully as the dish I loved from our favorite Indian buffet in Maryland. I am definitely trying yours! YUM!

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

Susan, what's your favorite buffet in MD? That's where I grew up - in Bethesda.