"crafts.org," he says

The boys were restless today after preschool.  Nathaniel suggested I look up "craft.org" to find something they could do.  Kids and technology, I tell you.  Well, crafts.org doesn't really exist, but I figured we would pull out the paints today.  Nathaniel and I worked on creating a solar system mobile while Jude and Ethan colored, cut, and painted to their hearts' content.

It is so interesting to observe the way they work.  N is looking to get it done right.  He's not terribly detail oriented, but he does ask often, "so, how's it looking?"  Today, J was focused on two colors and that's all he wanted - purple and brown.  E was more into the water than the paint.  He had a little black puddle on his paper plate that he would occassionally sponge around with paper towels.