Is it nesting?

Perhaps so. Perhaps it is that a wee one will be arriving in 10 weeks (yeah!) or maybe it's that I'm finally feeling settled in our new home, or even that the current little inhabitants are giving mommy a little more time to herself, or a new year feels like a new beginning.

What are we talking about? A crafting craze. A long time ago, I used to do interesting things with my hands, but alas those days came to a halt when the twins arrived. So, I've been dusting off my storage boxes full of fabric, paper, embellishments, and even knitting needles. I even took out all the simple square blocks I had cut for a quilt (six years ago)!

Since it's been ages since I've sewn anything, I decided to piece together these blocks and attempt to make a simple striped quilt. I typically take a long while to get started because I want to know I'll get to perfection and not waste time, resources along the way. But I've purposed that this is a no-risk experiment. So,nothing fancy.. but hopefully something accomplished and something to get this ball rolling. I have no idea what the measurements will be of the final product; I'm guessing something crib-sized.

I'm trying my hand at a variety of crafty outlets. We'll see which ones stick.