four weeks

It's amazing to me how this little fellow has so quickly found his place in our hearts and in our family.  His brothers love to lie down next to him and "just talk" with him.  He's begun to take in a bit more of his surroundings and coos back at us.  He has the happiest smile and sometimes an out loud chuckle in his sleep which makes me wish I could catch a glimpse of his dreams.   He is generally a sweet, easygoing baby which is a welcome change... although I think my perspective may be somewhat skewed after the twins.  Ayy, what a handful they were and what joy and amusement they bring into our lives now.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ello faith! nice blog! should have told us about this sooner! there are 4 little girls in our neighborhood...and Dhara does have 4 little girl cousins...and a few at church...nice for a small quaint get-together...hopefully ohio bec can come down so that we don't miss out on 3 of our little guests!

ezra is a cutie pie -- he's looking a little more like the twins in these pics...just a little...but moreso like you still.

and when missy did you start liking antiquie things? but yes...good places are so hard to find...most places just have not so nice items...the pearls are hidden..

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

hello susan... when did i start liking antique things? well, probably in high school when visiting one of gifty's friend's (juliet) summer house. LC and i both do actually and whenever we're on vacation we'll usually find some place to browse. I don't tend to buy too much because it's hard for me to spend a lot of money.