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I read about Kelly who recently lost her battle with cancer and her husband and son that are dealing with this great loss in their lives.  Tonya over at Plain & Joyful Living was (as she says) "nudged" to pull together a blanket for Kelly's son Ari -- made from squares sent in by woman all over who were moved by Kelly's story and want to share some measure of love, prayer and peace to her family.  You can read more here.

I mailed in a couple of squares -- nothing extraordinary.  But, I'm excited to see how all these different squares are pieced and constructed into something beautiful and meaningful for Ari.


♥ the quiet homemaker said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely idea, so thoughtful.

I found your blog via Farmama. I love it here! I'm going to read some more of your lovely posts. :)

Love from Scotland. x

Plain and Joyful Living said... Best Blogger Tips

Thank you Faith.. this is such a special project and I am excited to begin stitching it together soon.
With warm wishes, Tonya

gardenmama said... Best Blogger Tips

Dear Faith,
Thank you for sharing this gift of love and support with my friend Kelly's family.
I appreciate the squares that you have created, if it is ok with you I would like to blog them on the Wellness Tree blog for her family to see who created these squares. Thank you.

faith said... Best Blogger Tips


I think the Wellness Tree is such a wonderful thing. And of course, you can share my little contribution.