summer sports

His first day of sports camp at the Y -- Boy, was he so excited!!  This two-day a week sports sampler has resulted in a number of interesting training sessions at home where I've tried to explain the objectives behind kickball, t-ball, and most recently football.  We've practiced our throwing, catching, fielding, and kicking and for anyone who knows me, you know this stretches my athletic abilities.  But it's fun because he loves it and after our first practice, he cuddled up next to me on the recliner and said, "I love you, mommy."  I was curious, so I asked why.  He says, "Just because I do."  Yeah, my heart melted.

The brothers got to come to the last session and they were plenty occupied.  They do love getting messy... I suppose most 3-yr olds do.

It took Ethan a few minutes before he was comfortable with sand on his feet... but once he did...
...he was very comfortable. They made a friend and concocted a game of sand swimming.

And Ezra enjoyed the sun, the new noises, digging his feet in the sand, and a wee nap


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that ezra baby is a darling