making butter

put whipping cream in a container and shake...

then shake some more...

and even more until... the sound changes.  yeah!

creamy, butter ready.  i wish i had the foresight to prepare some home-made bread alongside but store bought was just fine. 

and i think the boys agree.  so yummy and a perfect activity for little hands with lots of energy.


Susan E. said... Best Blogger Tips

how great a mom are YOU?! This is a cool, fun activity. I'm impressed! Miss you, Faith!


faith said... Best Blogger Tips

Susan -- you, my friend, are a super mommy! So when are you starting a blog? And, would you share your bread recipe with me?

Susan E. said... Best Blogger Tips

I will certainly share my bread recipe with you! About the blog.... not sure I really have that much to say. I tried to get something going back before yahoo got rid of that aspect, but even then, I hardly ever posted. Hmm.... maybe someday.

Making butter and homemade bread sounds like a great MOPS craft, no? Mmmm

Homesteadgirl said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the excitement on your little boys' faces...something so simple becomes magical in the hands of a child.