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I was asked to offer a prayer for Japan at a recent Bible Study meeting.  In this group of about 120 women, we have a few of Japanese origin who are part of an ESL study group.  I have had the privilege of getting to know a number of them.  And although I wasn't immediately comfortable with the idea of praying in front of this awesome group of ladies, I felt God's gentle tug pulling me away from my own insecurities to do what I know is His will...pray for my friends and their families.  I did, and I was blessed.

Since some have asked, here is the prayer.... 

Please continue to pray and do what you can.


O God,  Our help in ages past, 
Our hope for years to come
Our shelter from the raging storm
And our eternal home.
Father, as we stand in your presence this morning, we intercede for Japan.
Even though we will never understand such suffering this side of heaven, we believe your Word which says that You are love.  You love Japan and its people.    As so many are hurting now, we stand in the gap for them today, and we pray...
We ask for miracles 
We pray for strength for rescue workers as they tirelessly search
We pray for wisdom and unexpected success for those dealing with the nuclear reactors
We pray your comfort for those who have lost or are still searching for loved ones
We pray for healing and medical attention to reach those who are injured and sick
We pray for food, water, and supplies to quickly reach those in greatest need
We pray endurance and hope for those who have survived and must now rebuild in the face of such devastation
We pray for the Christians in Japan, that their faith would not fail.  That they would shine their lights so brightly that the doors of many other hearts would open to receive You
We pray for continued safety, health and provision for our Side by Side group in Sendai.
We especially pray for our Japanese friends and sisters in this room who grieve over losses and injuries.  Who are concerned about the known and unknown, and the future of their country.
Envelope our friends here in your extravagant love and comfort.  Give them your peace that is beyond and even defies human understanding.  Be their refuge, their fortress, their God in whom they can trust.  Give them reason to hope.
Stir our hearts with your love for Japan.   Cause us to see how we can stretch out our hands in help – to be your hands and your feet.
Restore peace and joy to Japan and the Japanese people.
We pray in Jesus’ name


Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

And you wondered WHY they asked you to pray? This was beautiful Faith.
*PS. WOw, have I missed your posts!

ohio bec said... Best Blogger Tips

what a blessing it was to read this. thanks for sharing. love ya.

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