Free-write Fridays

We donned our writing hats which had some vague connection to famous authors - I can't really explain the transformer mask that Ezra had or why he is perpetually shirtless.  Anyhow, with our writing headgear, we gathered round and spent five minutes putting pencil to paper.

Then, we made our selection of tea or hot chocolate and sat down with a few sandwiches and cookies to hear and applaud each other's stories. Ezra's story was taken by dictation and was so interesting that the others wanted to hear it again.

Jude says, "I think we need to this every Friday." The others agreed, even the one who just that morning had made up and sang repeatedly the most atrocious song about how much he hates writing.

"Sure, sounds like a great idea," I say hiding the tiniest of grins - or was it a smirk?

Idea of free write came from LoraLynn who has some of her own non-writers and it seems great success with this process.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said... Best Blogger Tips

This is fantastic! I never thought of hats. Must try that next week! Isn't it great to hear what comes out of our Littles' mouths when they aren't bound by their limitations? Endless entertainment! Way to go!