They do keep me laughing

In the middle of what I think is a serious conversation about the importance of knowing that some parts of our bodies are private and we keep them covered and to ourselves even if there is something really cool that we want to show our brothers (dear me!)Ethan says to me, "So, about privacy...." (pause)

"Yes," I reply wondering if I am really equipped to answer any questions on these topics.

"Privacy rhymes with wii, right?"

"Uhh, sort of."

"They both end with the eeee sound," he says as if this is more than evident. Then he slides his dancing feet over, tucks his head close to mine, smiles with that big toothy grin, and says "So, can we play wii?"

That's not the question I was expecting but certainly one I can answer and for now, I think that is just fine.


Brett and Meghan said... Best Blogger Tips

Haha, That's funny. Miss you guys.