back to basics: homemade yogurt

I grew up with homemade yogurt.  My mom would make a big pot of it at least once a week and would use it for a variety of dishes.  In fact, if my mother read this post I think she would find it hilariously simple and somewhat odd.

But I digress... As I've gotten busier, I've just relied on picking up a tub of yogurt at the store.  But a couple weeks ago, I had a lot of milk in the fridge and decided to make yogurt before the milk spoiled. I kept some of that batch as a starter and made my second batch today. 

I took the lid off this morning and was pleased to find a nicely set dish of yogurt.  It's always an exciting surprise.  This afternoon, I scooped some out and just ate it plain.  So delicious!  Maybe it's that in this 37th week of pregnancy, heartburn is really bothering me.  But, it was cooling and perfect just the way it was.  I also tried it with a drizzle of honey, dried crandberries, and almond slivers.  So good!

I can't believe I ever stopped making yogurt.  It is so SIMPLE and definitely cheaper than buying it from the store.  All you do is boil milk (whatever fat content), let it cool, and then add in the starter.  [I'm sure there's a perfect temperature for this -- but I just do it to the touchI then keep mine overnight in a warm (but not actively on) oven.  And there you have it.  Keep a small part aside (something like a cup) as starter.  The more you make it, the better the starter gets.


julie k said... Best Blogger Tips

I have a container for making yogurt from my mother-in-law. She uses it when she comes to visit. Maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration!