story telling

Today was one of those quiet days.  It came somewhat unexpectedly, and I sure wasn't going to complain.  The boys and I finally made our felt board and they took turns telling stories.

Some of N's story...

"They were having a party, and the boy's mother asked him to go get refreshments, so that's why he's getting apples from the apple tree"

"Inside, they just started writing with a quill"  [inspired I'm sure by his taking in a quill for show and tell for the letter Q

He was really interested in getting the car parked in the garage.  I suppose boys will be boys.

E picked up with his own scene and story telling.  It was slightly difficult to follow the story but very interesting none the less.  His house kept moving from the grass to the sky and then there was "the christmas tree but it has apples on it."  And of course, there was a lot of driving involved.  He drove his car on the grass and the road and everywhere in between, I think.

J, on the other hand, was way more interested in serving grandma a variety of foods (chicken curry, beans, rice, ice cream)  and all with "sauce."

Speaking of, I am delighted that my mom is now here helping out and waiting for baby to arrive.  I can't say how thankful I've become for my mom over the years.  Perspective, I suppose.