Every time J & E see cut flowers at the store, they say: "Momma, those flowers are for you."  And they carry on until I say thank you.  Needless to say most of these flowers do not come home with us... but sometimes I just can't resist.  Such was the case this past weekend.

Peonies with their vibrant and fragrant blooms are one of my favorite. To my great delight, I found some at the farmer's market this weekend. I wonder how the ones I planted in PA are coming along.


handbags*n*pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

I dont know. Want me to sneak into the yard to peek for you?:) JUST KIDDING! Im loving that green bottle/vase in the background.

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

funny. i wonder who nicole would think was crazier - you or me.

and the green thing is a handblown bottle that we got from williamsburg. miss you lady.