dan & katie beachy

About a month ago, this dear couple came to visit us.  Our first visitors from home other than family.   Dan Beachy officiated our wedding - he travelled all the way to India for the ceremony.  And ever since, he's taken a particular interest in our steps of life.  He came up to PA to pack our moving truck and along with my dad drove over 1000 miles to MN.   About Katie Beachy, what can I say other than she's one strong woman.  She struggles to maintain a weight of about 100 lbs but I tell you she could outlift, outrun, outdo me any day.  And her dry sense of humor always draws a laugh. 

This couple is part of our extended family even though we appear quite different.  The Beachys are former Amishpeople and bring much of that tradition with them as we bring much of our Indian tradition with us.  Surprisingly, these heritages play quite well together as they both share conservative principles, a focus on family, and the importance of hard work.  But more than this, our families are drawn together by our love for Jesus.  It's amazing how the common purpose of knowing our God can unite our hearts.

Our time together was spent sharing meals, chatting, playing games with the children including Dan chasing the boys around the house, teaching and learning, and worshiping together.  A "wonderful gut" time it was.

sharing a meal
yummy cheesecake made by my sister

katie teaching me to how to crochet an 8-petal flower
playing with ezra


handbags*n*pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

How precious! Im glad to finally "meet" them(or rather, "see" them):) It helps close the gaps in my mind. You've been a busy blogger lately my dear.I have been just the opposite. Stay tuned for a new post about a curb tossed dresser!

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

Sarah -- it's more that my computer decided to stop functioning about a month and some ago, so i have a backlog of posts. Can't wait to see more on the dresser.