Can you guess where my jeans and I travelled today?

Yup, more berries.  Lots.

This the very end of the season, so I wasn't hoping for much more than a fun excursion for the kids.  When we got there I had an interesting discussion with the farmer about whether I was an expert strawberry picker because according to him, if I wasn't I probably didn't need to bother going down to the patches.  I was a tad confused because I had called ahead and made sure there was still some picking to be done. Then he says he didn't know who he was talking to at the time and he asked if I was from India and again questioned my strawberry picking qualifications.  Huh?  Well, then I had to explain that I was no expert but that I had grown and picked strawberries before.  Strange and kind of funny... But believe me, I was motivated to pick some berries. we are with 20 pounds of strawberries (at the end of the season).  Unfortunately, the farmer man had switched places with his wife when we came up to pay, so I lost my chance to boast.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  :)  And, I did have a nice chat with his wife.  But, next time I think I'll be saying that I am an expert in strawberry picking. 

All in all, it was a lovely time.  The day was warm and pleasant with a cool breeze.  The boys enjoyed themselves and were actually quite helpful.  They ran into some friends from school, played with a couple toads that they found, and of course ate many delicious strawberries.  Unfortunately, I left my camera card at home and so missed out on some good photo opps.  But, trust me it was a fun day.

And now off to bed.  We're going to the library in the morning for a show and to surprise the boys by meeting up with some of the boys' friends from school. 


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Well done! Lots of yummy strawberries...the end season ones will be the ones with the richest flavours...mmmm!

Patricia Torres said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm moved by Kellys story.. :-(

But your blog is simply awesome..