I think we're going to be inundated with fresh produce this summer.  I took the plunge and signed up to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).  I'm excited to be bringing all this fresh, organic, local goodness into our home.  I'm also excited to see what kinds of dishes we can prepare with all the various veggies from the CSA as well as our garden.  I hesitated initially because I'm just not sure how much of the produce fits our mix of American and Indian cooking.  I finally figured that I could adjust and I think it will be a fun little game to play with myself this summer.

This Saturday was our first pick-up.  So, the kids, my sister and I headed over to the Farmer's Market to pick up our box.   The twins were less than easy to herd, so there's some training that needs to be done there.  They kept bringing me things - heads of lettuce, plants, baked goods.  Ayy! 

But we made it home with all the littles in tow, despite the rain, and with many goodies.  We've already made a salad and I'm thinking of chicken lettuce wraps with the bibb and some dhal curry with the methi and cilantro.  We'll see what becomes of the rest.

bibb lettuce, wild spinach, cilantro, methi, bok choy, red and green leef lettuce, white turnips, russian kale

flavor-full strawberries that quickly met their fate

do they look guilty or what?

looks like they enjoyed it