three months

My sweet boy is three months old today.  He's such a delightful baby with a cheery and peaceful disposition.  He takes a good long look at someone before he offers an enchanting smile that seems to say, "Hey, I know you and I'm glad you came around."  He loves baths and now likes to sit and coo at the baby in the mirror.   He even lets out a little wail when I turn him away from his reflection. 

I can already see that he loves his brothers.  He is completely engaged and amused when they come around doing all kinds of stunts to make "baby Ez-i-ra" laugh.

On Saturday during family prayer,  he turned over from his belly to his back much to the delight of his big brothers.  They giggled and cheered him on and woke up the next morning asking for him to do it again.  I suppose he'll be moving around sooner than I'm ready, but right now I am thoroughly enjoying these cuddly baby months.


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so adorable