and he's on the move

My happy, little man is 6 months (and three days) and he's finding his way into lots of new and interesting things.  He's constantly rolling, spinning, and scooching into new exploration.  Today, he even sat up on his own for a bit.  It's great fun for his brothers and of course exciting to watch him grow, but I do wish he would stay a babe in arms for a bit longer. 

I was out in the garden with him picking what must be the end of the season vegetables, and he was itching to get in my basket.  So, after a quick rinse I let him get his fingers on all the different textures.

And then wouldn't you know, he rolled off the mat to go explore something else.  A water puddle... could you blame him?


Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my word he's growing so fast!:( I plan to email you back, by the way. Im not ignoring you:)
The first MOPS meeting was this past Thursday and although Im not attending it was nice to hear they had 8 new moms! And 5 pulled crackers(including Kimarie if you didnt know from FB!)Just thought Id fill you in on some news back home. Still miss you like the first day you left.
All my love,

rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

love the new picture in the header. and your darling baby is so YOU!! such a cutie-pie.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ezra, ezra, ezra chakkarakuttan! i miss him and all of you.

sonylilly said... Best Blogger Tips

lol, i don't know why it says anonymous

Susan E. said... Best Blogger Tips

Love your new pic!! And I'm with Sarah---He is SO BIG!! Where did the time go?!

Stanley and Sobha said... Best Blogger Tips

He seems busy with some master plan for some good project.. Did Gifty inspire him to be an architect engineer already ? :-)..

Becky K said... Best Blogger Tips

aww, I miss him too, & all of you! can't forget his chomp-dive and his cheery smile :)