in the kitchen: off the beaten path

Given all the fresh produce of the season from our garden, the CSA, and of course the grocery store, we've been trying out some different ingredients and different recipes.

Beets are quickly moving up my favorite list. I really enjoy them steamed, but we've also tried out a very colorful beet root yogurt dish called pachadi in Malayalam. It's really not as intense as it looks.   It's in fact a mild yogurt dish to accompany rice and such.
Kohlrabi -- a new ingredient to me.  Very tasty prepared as thoran, a typical South Indian dish. 

And, we've had lots of watermelon over the past few weeks.  I saw a recipe in this cookbook for pickled watermelon rind and my sister and I made it.  It's quite refreshing - a little sweet, a hint of ginger and star anise, and a nice cold crunch. 


sonylilly said... Best Blogger Tips

love it! the pink pachadi looks so summery and delicious!

legendswife said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh wow!
:)All of it looks so delish.

Susan E. said... Best Blogger Tips

Growing up, I used to eat Kohlrabi raw. Loved it! Never prepared in anything, tho. Hmmm....

Saw an Indian family the other day at a Subway, with a little guy that looked a little too much like I remember Nathaniel... and a baby. I tried not to cry, missing you. :-)

handbags*n*pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey there:)
I just gave you a blog award. Check out todays post( to pick it up and see what you need to do. love and miss you!