10 months

This past month has been full of activity for little Ezra.  He took his first steps 2 days into being 9 months old and has been gaining balance and momentum since. 

He is eating better although he still has days where he has no interest in solid food.  On those days, you will probably find his daddy sneaking in some chocolate to give him some calories.  I know, I know.. I can't believe it either.  Although our little man has no teeth yet, he still likes to try to take big bites.  He clenches down really hard and holds his fists really tight.  It's awfully cute.

He give big, wet kisses when you ask and even when you don't which is ok with all of us since we just can't get enough.  He's learned to clap and raise his hands when he hears music.   He's adding to his musical repertoire with a hilarious little bounce action.  He loves this touch and feel book, "Brown Bear, Who Do You Love."   He really likes any sort of electronic gadget and particularly his daddy's computer, pager, and cell phone.

He's a charmer this one, and I think it's safe to say that we are all enchanted especially his brothers.  Ezra is now waddling behind them when they go off to play and in no time, I'm sure he'll be right in the middle of things.


Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

What a handsome little man he is becoming!

Dayennu said... Best Blogger Tips

So Cute- Love the smile. Looks so much like you Faith - Where is my new year card with the boys on it?