we've come to a decision

I bet you can tell about what... Yes, we've prayerfully decided to homeschool the boys next year.  We are both very excited about trying this out although we both realize there will be some very challenging moments ahead.  This is not a long-term decision.... I think I would must rather sign up for just one year at a time.  But for right now for our family, we believe this will be a good thing. 

I have looked through a multitude of catalogs, read as many books as I could pick up at the library, and talked to several friends who homeschool both locally and not.  What a blessing to be able to have access to so much great information.  I am really excited about the plethora of homeschooling families and co-ops in this area and will definitely be looking to plug-in as best as I can.  We have not made final decisions about which curriculum, but some great friends have let me go through what they're using and that's been so helpful.  Unfortunately, none of the local stores carry homeschool textbooks anymore and the MN homeschooling conference is about 4 hours away, so I won't get to go through as many as I would like, but I'm sure you could never get through all of them anyway.  At this point, I will be cherry picking from several catalogs and mixing up the levels.  The twins will be starting Kindergarten and Nathaniel will be somewhere between 1st and 2nd grade.  I love looking through all the catalogs.   Who ever knew there was so much you could teach wee ones? 

At some point next year, I know I will need to come back and revisit this post and remind myself that I chose this option, and I really did think it was a good idea. 


Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Well I,for one, can tell you its wonderful! And this is coming from a lady who said she would NEVER homeschool and would NEVER homeschool this particular child of hers. (Im learning not to ever use the word NEVER with God:)). We're having a great year and Im so glad I get this time with her, one on one. LMK if you're curious as to what we use.
Love you!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

awesome! good to know there are people within the Indian crowd who are paving the way. pastor dale sold us on homeschooling...too early for us I know, but something we talk about off and on and is excited about! i've been reading alot about maria montessori and her methods...
hope to hear more about how it goes in the thomas household...

Dayennu said... Best Blogger Tips

My sister uses Abeka to homeschool her kids (Mumbai, India). Normally I purchase them and take it to her when I or anyone we know travels to India - since it is more easily available and doesnt have to wait at Customs in Mumbai.
Love the one year at a time plan.

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

very exciting, Faith!

Erin said... Best Blogger Tips


I would love your recommendations on resources used!