catching up on 2010: 4 year olds

wednesday.  november 10, 2010.
the boys turned four this past year.  for some reason, it feels like they crossed a line and now should be "big boys."  but these two, they're babies at heart and act like it still which all in all, i think is a good thing.

they were delighted to celebrate their day with their friends at pre-school and cupcakes.  mrs. leif had them pick out toys and one got a penguin and the other some sort of shrek toy which they played with for the rest of the day.  before i picked them up, i filled up the car with as many green and yellow balloons as i could blow up and when they saw it, they exclaimed with awe, "how did they get in here?"  simple delights. 

we had a little photoshoot in which the penguin and shrek made many appearances, lots of play, dinner, and then off they went to awana.  post-awana and still in their vests they had cake.  two!  both with candles!  there's something magical about preschoolers and candles, i tell you.

a good day. 


Sarah @ Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pam just posted the other day on the MOPS board about the quads turning 7...can you believe that?!