chefs and judges

I am desperately behind on posts but instead of playing catch up today, I thought I would just enjoy today's antics from my two talkative, moody, extremely imaginative goobers.  But first,


So, back to the goobers... J & E can often be found playing some sort of imaginative game together, particularly when big brother is at school. It usually involves a lot of play acting and discussion, they are in character and need to be addressed accordingly, and they happily spend hours moving around the house chit-chatting and make- believing.  I love watching and listening them and wish I could somehow record all their chatter.  Today, I managed to take a few photos without getting the usual funny faces.
playing "chefs and judges"  (can you tell we probably watch too much foodnetwork tv?)

jude (the judge) telling ethan (the chef) how to cut his vegetables

the judge getting in on the rolling action.


Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

Theyre getting so big!!!!!! I love their modes of play. M is the same here and will soon have a younger playmate as Im about to begin babysitting for K.Jones(fromm OB) Looks like I'll be starting Thursday. Miss you as always!

Susan Entingh said... Best Blogger Tips

So cute!! I agree that some days I just wish I could record all the antics. Even tho my players are a bit older, the stories they come up with are quite entertaining.
Sarah--I didn't know you were going to be babysitting!!!