granny squares

there is something so fun about making them.  it's what made me want to learn to crochet (again) about a year ago.  it's a relaxing activity and you can make them in all different patterns, sizes, colors etc without needing intricate patterns and such.  for the past week, i've just picked up yarn and hook and worked through a few in the evenings as a way to close out the day with no long-term project in mind.

but now thanks to sarah london, my granny squares have a purpose.  [i just love crafting for this reason.]  she's decided to respond to the flooding in australia (read more here) by providing handmade blankets to people as they rebuild.  in her words, she's looking to provide "comfort and colour... as a reminder that there is always a rainbow after a storm."

so if you can, join.  no guilt if you can't.


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OOOh, I cant wait to see what you create:) said... Best Blogger Tips

oooohhh fun! and good for you crocheting for a cause!

knitting baby sweaters as of late has kept me from picking up a crochet needle. can't wait to start a granny square blanket...or maybe I'll start with a pillow case!!! :)