12 months

My sweet man is a whole year old now. I realize this seems to be the universal sentiment from mothers at this time (and perhaps always), but I'll say it anyway, where ever has the time gone?  It continues to amaze me how a short 12 months brings about such changes in a little person and how such a little person can exhibit so much personality. 

Our guy is not really verbal yet, but he knows how to communicate what he wants.  He uses a few signs but primarily the one to nurse which he uses often... very, very often.  He has his two upper teeth and is working hard for those two bottom ones which makes for very sharp kisses.  He has been a much fussier eater than his brothers but I think we're working up to a healthy appetite.  He is very playful and is easily amused.  His cute chuckle and silly faces have us all charmed.  His brothers are very protective and are enjoying that they can play with him more.  I just love this age where he straddles being a cuddly, needy baby and a quirky little person.

Of all our little guys, he has had the privilege of spending the most time with his daddy at this age.  They have already started to use electronics/technology as a means of spending quality time together.  In particular, Ezra love this video, and, yes it's in German.  If his daddy's in the bed with the computer he comes over, does a little hopping (dancing), and points to the laptop.  Then he moves around until he's snuggled in perfectly close and falls asleep.  Sweetness.

We had two birthday celebrations for him with just our family.  The first was a bit early since Sam, Gifty, Mom and Dad were in town all at the same time.  I made a chocolate almond cake from the Joy of Cooking.  I quite liked it.  I don't think Ezra could believe his good fortune of not only being allowed to climb onto the table but also to have managed to grab a handful of cake and then more and more.

Ethan-man, why the funny face?

On his actually birthday, we had our first grilled meal of the summer followed by an assortment of home-made red velvet and carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  The twins and I had bought balloons for E after school which kept him entertained for the rest of the day and some.  A whole month later, I'm still trying to get that last balloon to come down off our ceiling!


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