daddy's home to help with homework

It's a special treat when daddy's home to help with school work.  Here's how it looks. 

working oh so hard

uh, there's someone extra and he seems to have lost a shirt.  typical, really.

and another... he seems to be a bit more cautious in his approach. 

maybe it's time for a break?  i'm thinking ezra thinks his brothers are pretty fascinating creatures.  I would have to agree.


Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Its so nice when daddy's can be a part of their childrens' day. Im sure its rare in most homes, including ours.:) But still just as wonderful.
Love you,
Me said... Best Blogger Tips

i think the shirtless twin is wondering why mommy is standing on a chair! :) is ezra wearing redskins gear? he looks so cute looking up at his crazy brother!