home for the weekend

You wouldn't know seeing them running about during the day, but our boys have been fighting off a cold and horrible cough for the past week.  The worst of it is at night when it feels like I take turns comforting children throughout the night.  The twins are both on their "sick beds" which are blankets spread out on the floor.  For some reason, this is kind of a treat especially when the blankets migrate into mommy and daddy's room. 

So, we've stayed home this weekend even keeping the younger three home from church today.   Despite the coughs, we've had a good and productive weekend.  Saturday was spent outdoors with lots of weeding for me.  The big garden bed is finally clear after removing about five bags of stuff.  The boys stayed busy painting the swingset and deck.  Today we stayed indoors more as we tried to force rest on the little people.

 hard-working boys.

aren't they funny with their footwear?  i can even say now with some proof that it runs in the family (bottom right).  

{but really adult boots were worn for protection while spray cleaning the deck.  MD friends, yes, he did use the beloved deck wash}

not a bad place for a nap.  it would be better in a hammock, don't you think?

 a cool, refreshing break... yeah for the first watermelon of the season!

the beginnings of a quiet sunday morning.

 and another nap.  this time in his highchair.  and yes, he stayed in his pj's all day.

he's awake and helping mommy finish up a quilt.  more on that later

{beck, is that the sort of crochet dish scrubbie you use?  this is the first one i made that is now a play pincuhion for ezra}

every time i spread out the quilt, he would come and lay down on it or in this case just rest his head on the fabric.  i suppose we can now say that it's "kid-tested"

a whole lot of flowers from the mister brought home after he and nathaniel went to church.  just because.  now, isn't that nice?

and one flower pot (or old ash bucket) planted.  more tomorrow.

wow, that's one picture-filled post.  hope you had a good weekend too!


Neha@ Allthingsbeautiful said... Best Blogger Tips

Loved visiting your blog! Your boys are adorable...and you must be a superwoman managing four of them..... I have a 2 yr old son, and he is a handful:)