warmer days?

Well, today we got up to 96 degrees up here in Rochester.  As is becoming a sort of custom, the kids and I got loaded up in the car to run some errands and let mommy stop at some yard sales.  It is a bit of an addiction, I admit.  Thankfully, the littles are quite amenable and have found ways to keep themselves amused.

On the way home, I looked back to find Jude shirtless because it was "sooo hot."  These temperature jumps make it hard for little (and not so little) bodies to adjust.

So, I decided to put out some water play... The boys had fun despite the water still being chilly.   The neighbor boys came out to play.  Jude and Ethan rolled down a hill.  And when they were done in our yard, they hopped the fence to the neighbor's and used their hose to create a water slide.   Carefree, childhood days.  Does it make you nostalgic?  

Ezra does love the water, but the cold direct spray was a bit much, so I set him up his own little area to splash away.

And then I realized.  Oops, what about dinner?  This is a common occurence during the summers around here.  Am I alone?  I had thought about making some fish since we've had so much chicken and so on.  Well, some cod, calimari, scallops, tomatoes, portabellos, capers, spinach, and spaghetti later... we had our meal. 

It stretched the boys a bit, but I'm all for that.  I think overall, they got what they needed and we had an enjoyable home-made, nutritious meal.  I'm trying to encourage myself to do this more in lieu of calling the mister and asking him to pick something up.  Now, if only I had written down how I made it.


susiemey.com said... Best Blogger Tips

that seafood pasta looks delicious! i wish you did write it down!

BJ, Shea, Drew, and Dax said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay for warm weather and playing outside!! I'm impressed you can just whip up a meal like that on the fly! Thanks for the sweet comment the other day too! :) Miss you girl!

sonylilly said... Best Blogger Tips

sounds like so much fun! i really hope liju chachen gets a job somewhere back around here!!