rainy day play

Last week we had a rainy day just as the boys were feeling well enough to go outside and play.  After a morning of occupying themselves, I started to hear the dreaded "I'm bored."  [Usually, I let them figure it out but every once in a while I understand the need for instruction.] 

So, I brought out some cardboard and asked them what they would like to make.  Nathaniel immediately said a "space helmet."  The twins jumped on board with the idea.  No one cared that the box I brought out was a huge Sams Club size diaper box.  So, we created a very spacious space helmet.   ;)

The painting and decorating took up a good chunk of time, and they had lots of fun.  Jude and Ethan told me so repeatedly.  Sometimes fun can be so simple.  Of course it can also be messy which does give me pause before I suggest an art activity.  For me personally, it has helped to have certain supplies put away for just when we need it.  We have an old sheet dedicated to messy projects.  I've also put together a bag full of paints, brushes, glue, and cut up paper that we can just pull out when the mood strikes.  I need to put in more collage items for smaller projects.

And now, we can take our helmet out and play as astronauts, sometimes robot or if you're Jude - you can be George Washington giving a speech from his space helmet.

"george washington"
  I almost forgot to ask, what do you do with littles on a rainy day?