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drawing by nathaniel, bookmark gifted to mommy from nathaniel.  so true!
Well, tomorrow we start our first day of homeschooling. [I somewhat offhandedly named it faith academy for the obvious reasons and because it made be chuckle since it sounds so typical of indian & christian school names.]  I am excited and just a tad nervous.  I was one of those kids who was always excited for the first day of school, organizing and reorganizing my supplies and making sure everything was packed up and ready to go for the first day.  The same couldn't be said for the second week.. but the first day was always much anticipated.  I sort of feel the same for tomorrow.  I've reviewed the lessons for the day numerous times and I've got our materials ready to go.  Most importantly, I've prayed and surrended our plans to the Lord and asked for His blessing on our desires and efforts.

"reading" tintin.  once daddy's favorite.

I know real life and four children are going to alter the course of learning that I've outlined, but isn't that part of the experience and, with limits, even the fun of learning together.  The boys are excited as well and have all sorts of suggestions for me.  In fact, we had to sit down on Monday and have a little meeting so they could express all their thoughts in advance of tomorrow.  Jude and Ethan want to call me Mrs. Faith.  Nathaniel suggests that if the class (of 3) isn't behaving, I have them put their heads down on the table like his kindergarten teacher did.  They wanted to know all about recess and what they would do if it rained and on and on the questions and discussion went.  Clearly, they've been in a school environment before and therefore have expectations... that will soon need adjusting, I'm sure.

I've been really blessed to be surrounded by so many homeschoolers including many local friends.  Some who have been doing it for many years and others who have littles just a little older or about the same age as mine.  I have received such great advice and plan on receiving much more.

how i love these little men.

My objectives for our year are to explore what we're curious about safely, learn lots, laugh a bunch, and learn to work together as a team.  {I might have to come back to these.}

Here's my curriculum plan for the year -

Nathaniel (6, starting 2nd grade):
Bible - AWANA, Sunday School, Christian Light Workbooks, and other at home education
Math - Singapore Math 2A, 2B
Language Arts (grammar, writing) - First Language Lessons 2
Spelling - All About Spelling
Reading - We'll use the library.  I had him starting out of with the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, but wouldn't you know, he already went and read it in the last two days.  So...
Science - Simple and Fun Science  (we'll be doing lots of experiments and hands-on learning)
Spanish - (we're going to start with the local library has and expand from there)
History - Story of the World, Ancient Times
Geography - country study starting with Egypt
Music - piano, (still working on extra curriculum here)
Art - tag along with Jude & Ethan's art project or tied to Geography
P.E. - local sports classes/team

Jude & Ethan (4, starting Kindergarten light) 
Bible, Math, Language Arts, Art - My Father's World Kindergarten
Bible - supplemented with AWANA, Sunday School, and other at home education
Phonics - supplemented with Hooked on Phonics
Handwriting - Writing without Tears
Spanish - (we're going to start with the local library has and expand from there)
P.E. - local sports classes/team

** Depending on their interest, they will also do some of the Geography, History, and Science that Nathaniel does.

Keeping our little man, Ezra occupied during our homeschool time may be our greatest challenge.  Anyone have suggestions?  For right now, I have some new toys and baskets of goodies for him.


BJ, Shea, Drew, and Dax said... Best Blogger Tips

Faith Academy-love it! Good luck this week! :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Hey were my big UPrinting giveaway winner! Lets chat so I can get your info sent to the company:) Congratulations!
And Im praying for you in this new venture of life. Remember, I was there last year. And now, Im teaching 3rd grade at ZA. How is that possible?
Love & miss you.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Nathaniel read the original Lion, Witch & Wardrobe novel?? Not a kid's version?? I am so impressed!

faith said... Best Blogger Tips


MaryBeth, Yes, the real thing. He absolutely loves to read... Any recommendations?