settling into summer break

We are about three weeks into summer vacation.  The first week was very exciting with our roadtrip to Maryland and back.  The last couple weeks have been much quieter as we settle into a comfortable routine of play, creativity, exploration, and even rest.  The days do seem calmer without the need to rush off to school and back.  I wonder how that could be since the littles were only in preschool and kindergarten.  I am also excited about the possibilities that could mean as we start our homeschool journey in the fall.

Here is a glimpse into one of our days this week.

These big brothers take their role in life seriously (unless of course they're "learning about animals" by watching wildkratts when every dvd, blanket, and board game could be pulled out around their feet and they wouldn't have a clue how it happened).  They even like to call themselves "achachi" the Malayalee respectful word for big brother.  As for Ezra, he loves being part of the pack and delights in his brothers' attention, and as a mamma, I love that.  So much so, that sometimes it's even worth forgoing the usual "get down off the table" and "don't make a mess."

Wouldn't you know that we've jumped back down into the 60's after being near 100 degrees for a few days.  Other than the difficulty of figuring out which clothes to keep out, I'm not complaining.  When the sun is out, these are perfect temperatures to be out playing in the dirt.  So, with little helper in tow, I went out to plant a few more veggies and check on our seedlings. 

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing how buried seeds sprout into new life.  Reminds me of this verse always, "I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat is planted in the soil and dies, it remains alone. But its death will produce many new kernels--a plentiful harvest of new lives."

little feet in the dirt
gardener in training
The boys and I refilled our tiny sandpit.  We found an old brush and funnel at a yard sale for 10 cents each.  They've had so much fun playing out there.  It was definitely worth the little investment.
notice the critters that have come out to play.  they keep asking for a real pet (especially jude). 

oh, it's a smiley face!  and i thought i was called over to see some sort of interesting sand castle design.
And to wind down the day, we tasted our first home-made popsicles.  They had each picked out flavors the night before.  Nathaniel had a layered one with strawberry banana and blueberry-almond.  Jude decided on strawberry banana for himself and Ezra.  Ethan, he came up with pear and peach - something to do with matching his green holder.  I could do a little personality analysis just based on this activity. I think we will be making more of these.  I might even have to try these fudgesicles.

My goodness, what a long post!  I suppose these summer days also gives me more time for blogging.