all about apples

Here's something I've discovered this year.  The apples from the orchard are so much better than the ones from the store.  I don't know why this year has been so different.  Usually, I'm not insistent on fresh apples but man, the ones that we've gotten from the store this season just don't compare to the ones we picked a few weeks ago.  So, we made another trip.  

The first excursion was with my Bible Study gals which was loads of fun.  I also considered it a field trip to go with our apple unit.  The second trip was made with another couple ladies whose husbands were in some way busy with their doctoring work.  We packed a little picnic and met up under the apple trees on a Saturday afternoon.  
thanks Erin, for our field trip picture. :)

On our first trip, I took the boys through the corn maze.  We slowly meandered through exploring every possible option.  I am ashamed to say that on this second trip (with grown up help) I managed to lose one child in the corn maze... and worse, didn't even notice until someone said "Aren't we missing one?"  Oh yes, that one was mine and where was I?  On the tractor about to head back to the main area.   

Just a little bit panicked, the three remaining boys and I quickly scrambled off the tractor.  Nathaniel and Jude ran through the corn maze crying out for Ethan.  They were definitely on a mission!  Nathaniel eventually found him all the way at the back of the corn maze.  It seems he wanted to try to get out on his own and abandoned the pack of other children.  Thankfully, he wasn't too frightened ... but I know I was saying some prayers as I bumbled through the maze.

The kittens and puppies were out and about this past weekend.  Is it obvious that they want a pet?  Nathaniel asked me today if he could be a dog walker so he could have time with dogs without us having to own one.  I've told them that we'll consider pets once we figure out where to next.  That's sooner than I think.

The boys saw caramel apples at the orchard and really wanted to have some.  I promised we would make it at home (including the m&m's just like at the orchard).  I was brave enough to take them all to the store and get the caramel that very day.  But then it took me two days to get motivated to melt the caramel.  :)  And wouldn't you know, I should have bought a lot more caramel.

Surprise, surprise... daddy came home early!  Just in time to enjoy the caramel apples.  These silly boys ran out of the house to get daddy to taste their apples.

I have more to post on our apple unit... later.  For now, here are my goobers (again).


ohio bec said... Best Blogger Tips

awww!! so cute! love the picture collages in this.
have you guys done apple printing/stamping? so fun and easy.

faith said... Best Blogger Tips

@ohio bec

thanks beck.. and more pics of stamping and what not in next post. and when are you posting your pictures?