more on apples

We read so many books about apples, orchards, pies, and of course Johnny Appleseed during our apple unit.

We also did a few crafts including making this little flip book about an apple tree through the seasons.  This activity helped us summarize all that we had learned about seasons, how plants and trees grow, and of course apples.  We had learned about Van Gogh for art and we used I tried to put out as many textures/media as I could find like pipe cleaner, foam sheets, tissue paper, pompoms, and of course paint.  We had learned about Van Gogh for art, so we tried out some of different brush strokes and heavy paints like he used in his work.  I love that their handprints are included in this.  We used their painted hands for the leaves on the summer and autumn page.  But, we forgot to put in ladybugs and bees which are an important part of the process.

We also used fabric paint and apples cut lengthwise and crosswise to stamp the rest of our muslin.  Now, I have to figure out what to make with this fabric.  Any ideas?

And of course, we had a little taste test.  I only selected four varieties to taste - Honeycrisp, Sweetango, Golden Delicious, and Fuji.  Each voter received 3 stars (votes). I suggested putting two stars for your most favorite and one for your second favorite.  Of course, Nathaniel chimed in with every other possibility, so eventually I let them "cast" their 3 stars however they wanted.  Nathaniel put all three down in one spot, so he could be sure to make sure his apple won.  Jude liked the name delicious and sweet, so he divided his stars between the two.   Ethan was our most fickle voter moving his stars between the columns so he could be sure he would be on the winning apple.   Talk about personalities.

Once the voting was completed, they graphed the votes on a sheet that I created with the pictures of the apples.  This was the first time that Jude and Ethan did any graphing work. So interesting to watch their little brains go through the steps of processing this task.


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Im terrible at size references but you could make it into a homemade tent cover. ive seen them on Pinterest. You build a simple wooden A Frame, attach the fabric, and the kids have a makeshift tent/reading area/fort that can be used indoors or out.
Missing you:( Lots going on here. Stay tuned...