homeschooling: two months

Two months into homeschooling... and we are still going strong and even living together in peace.  I call this our golden age because it's fresh and different and therefore exciting. 

We have worked out a routine so that if we have a "normal" day, we know what to expect.  But, in fact, we make many exceptions.  I am finding that this is part of the fun of homeschooling.  We take detours and slow down to observe a little bit closer or to study a new interest.  I feel like I have been given such a gift as I learn, observe, and grow alongside my little ones.  I don't know how long this journey will last but I sure do hope the attitude of learning and the joy in being together stay with us for years to come.

Our routine, on a typical day looks something like this:

(also proof that i was once a consultant)

We haven't been getting in enough Spanish, artist study or music theory as I would like, but we will be working on that over the next couple months.  Jude and Ethan sort of audit the afternoon boxes.   They stay and listen and pick up what's interesting to them.  A couple afternoons a week, I do try and work with them specifically on their reading.  We take Fridays off unless there's a project to be done or we've missed work from earlier in the week.

I am thankful for the years of preschool the kids have done.  I use quite a bit of material for circle time and calendar from our preschool co-op teacher in Sayre, PA, Mrs. Hafer.  Because it was a co-op, the parents took turns being the TA and we learned the songs and various techniques that Mrs. Hafer used.  We use three of the songs she taught us in the morning for the months of the year, days of the week and the weather.

Nathaniel enjoys history very much.  We are using Story of the World on audio which has been a nice way to mix things up for him.  The boys also get very interested in the particular units we are studying.  I have discovered that they love craft/science projects and remember quite a bit from them.  We did a unit on the moon and just the other day after AWANA the twins were so excited to show me the moon, saying "Look, it's a gibbous."  :)

Jude and Ethan both started to read within the first couple weeks of school which is such a huge accomplishment for them.  They were at the brink for so long, I just couldn't wait for them to take the plunge.  They now speak phonetically which goes something like, "M-m-m-o-o-m, c-c-c-a-a-n..."  Very slow and very funny... thankfully, they seem to be just doing it with certain words these days. 

Our greatest challenge has been keeping Ezra occupied.  I was convinced that my various bags of during-school-only toys would do the trick.  But no, this little man needs to be doing exactly what his brothers are doing.  I still lay out a blanket for him with some play items, sorting toys, or puzzles. He sits down with it for a little bit but eventually comes over to be with his brothers.  So, we let him.  He has his own set of notebooks that he scribbles in, when the brothers show me their work, he comes over and says "mama" until I carefully examine his doodles as well.  If they read, he gets a book and reads with them and on and on...

I already get the sense that the "golden age" is approaching its end, not in a riotous fashion but it's becoming obvious that the littles need a few different things to keep it interesting.  I'm working on finding ways to keep them engaged and to change things up just enough that they stay with me on our ride.


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faith, I love your family room! it looks so cozy! and good job on the homeschooling! :)