ezra: eighteen [18] months

Our littlest man is such a ham.  He's a very jolly fellow with a pleasant temperament, moving along with his brothers, definitely a part of the pack. He's more possessive of his mommy and daddy than his brothers were which is at the same time perplexing and hilarious.  When he sees his brothers cozying up with a parent, he somehow manages to squeeze right in between, do some cozying of his own, and then scamper off.

ezra at 18 months

He loves his brothers and believes he is about four years old.  He tries to make his brothers laugh by doing funny dances and making funny faces.  His antics never fail and his brothers end up in peals of laughter. He spins in circles until he's dizzy and bumps into a piece of furniture, then he laughs and continues to spin.  He loves to be outside, going up and down on the slide or swinging.  He sits on the tricycle and somehow meanders along the sidewalk

He imitates everyone around him.  He pushes toy cars around with the sweetest sound effects.  He likes to play with the toy kitchen tools and of course, all of daddy's gadgets.
i need to get my blanket just right so i can pretend to take a nap
His naughtiness is tempered with the cutest grin and if he knows you're really upset, he'll quickly back away...literally and pretend to hide even though he's right in front of you.  He pushes a chair around so that he can access whatever is supposed to be out of his reach which can get quite tiring for his mama.  He loves to help clean up,which I suppose is good because he can reach the water dispenser on the fridge which affords him plenty of opportunity to wipe up spills. 
this smile says, i'm thinking about something naughty and it involves you.

the cute, playful grin that makes you just want to squeeze him and bite his cheeks
He still is not very verbal although he gets what he wants with signs or other gesturing.  Mamma, Dadda, Nanni (nathaniel), bye-bye, hi, ba-bo, pala, done, thangu (thankyou) are his most frequent words with a few more sneaking in each day.  In a way, this keeps him a baby just a bit longer and that is special. He loves most every food with a particular fondness for sweets and also yogurt, pasta, fish, and chapatti.  Without a doubt, he loves his milk. 
taking a break

He is quite dramatic making many different faces and sounds to convey his meanings.  I've tried to capture some of that with the photos here.

the squint that say "i don't really like what you're saying"
drama and flexibility while pointing out a minuscule ouch

We really do love this little man/person and and as with all our special boys, we are so thankful he's here.