a heart of thankfulness

Since we've been married, I think we've spent every Thanksgiving except the first away from home.  Although we've sometimes had family come and visit, we have often spent this time with friends, usually new ones.  This year we invited some of the mister's colleagues and their families to share Thanksgiving dinner with us.  This was my first sit-down Thanksgiving dinner.  We set  one adult table and two kid tables - one for the boys and a quieter one for the girls. We borrowed dishes, chairs, and tables.  The boys found some pinecones that we put in a vase with cranberries for their centerpiece and lots of butcher paper and crayons on the kids' tables to keep them entertained along with some Mayflower boats with candy.  [Truthfully, I did not have time to take pictures before everyone ate, so these are all some time after the table was cleared, hence no dishes.]

Again, I was reminded that I love a full house.  I loved watching the kids make up games, play bingo and color. It was so nice to be able to chat with the other couples, talk about old traditions, tell funny stories, and plan for the future.  It was also a pretty good deal to be able to share the cooking with some of the ladies and my goodness, I have to say that their dishes were scrumptious!

boats with treats for the kids
lots of art work at the kids table
There is much to be thankful for today and always.  We are so incredibly blessed, who could list it all?  My heart is thankful for friends and for how God fills in the gaps.  I am thankful for the gift of doing ordinary things and enjoying an ordinary day.  I am learning that it is indeed a gift.

And, I am extremely thankful for who God is because even if all the things we have disappear or we come upon troublesome times, we can still  Give thanks to God, for He is good!  His love endures forever.

our thankful garland