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Tomorrow is a special and happy day for us -- our 10th wedding anniversary.  But for a good friend of mine, it marks one year of her "goose" flying into the arms of Jesus.  Last year, I remember being completely shocked when we received the news that Matt's colleague and friend, Luis Bonilla had passed away in a helicopter crash.  He was on his way with others from Mayo Jacksonville's transplant team to procure a heart.   I will also never forget being at the Bonilla house that night when Tracy and the kids returned home to MN.  That night, I witnessed in Tracy the incredible grace, hope, and strength that only faith in Jesus can bring.

That day also brought about the unexpected for us and now a year later, I find myself in Jacksonville, Florida.

The recent tragedy in Connecticut freshly imprints on my mind how much things can change in the span of a few moments and how quickly an ordinary day can become anything but ordinary.

Life is fleeting and even fickle.  Life will bring suffering and pain along with joy and beauty.  But God is always in control.

I want to choose to be thankful for the moments that are given to me - the good ones and the not so pretty ones.  I want to choose to cherish the ones around me.  To use my words to bless.  To store up treasures in heaven.  To build deep into the solid Rock, so that when the storms blow, I can hold on to that everlasting hope and the hand that will never let me go.  And when the storms cease, I can know that God brings joy in the morning and beauty from ashes.  He is faithful.


ohio bec said... Best Blogger Tips

Wonderful words; thank you for sharing. Congratulations on 10 years!! Love you.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

very meaningful and so true..I pray that I do the same. miss you faith! - Becky K.