for the babes

I have a great excuse to shop for fabric!  I have several friends that just had or are expecting baby girls.  For a mom of four boys, this is exciting news indeed!

I am in various stages of creating blankets for some of them.  Here's one that I made for a friend who had her baby on Easter morning.  Her baby room colors are pink, green and brown, so I chose fabrics in those hues for the blanket.  It is a cozy flannel on one side and some flannel and cotton strips on the other.  I didn't add batting because the flannel is thick enough for a spring baby.  I quilted it with simple straight lines and added a little bit of green ric rac and brown binding.   I don't remember what it measured but it was generous because I do love a good-sized baby blanket that can double as a nursing cover.

I have another colorful strip quilt that needs to be finished for a friend... whose baby is almost a month old!  Yikes, I better get to that!  And then I need to come up with something lovely for my cousin's baby who will be born in a month.  I'm so excited to finally have a girl baby in the family!

And for the boys... well, they like to crowd into the office chair when I'm online and if I'm on ravelry they request things.  Here's something I made for them a while ago to their specifications. 

ravelry link here

These finger puppets were fun and pretty simple to make. I love the tails on all these critters although you can't really see them in this picture.  The pig was requested by Ethan, the cow (who looks like he has measles) by Nathaniel, and the dog by Jude who was most surprised when he saw that he had essentially ordered Clifford.


Susan E. said... Best Blogger Tips

Beautiful blanket!! And those little critters are very cute. Nice work, Faith! Happy Spring! It was in the 80s here today, until the rain and thunder started up.

Cassandra Louise said... Best Blogger Tips

If I did not follow your blog, I would have no idea the secret of you making such beautiful things:)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok I totally want to order a set of finger puppets! Love your creativity(and Cassandra...Im assuming you know Faith in person. Dont worry, many of us from her former hometown didnt know of her talents either. Shes tricky like that!:))
Love and miss you.
Sarah said... Best Blogger Tips

nice job with the blanket! fabric shopping is one the best simplest pleasures...