silly boys

 I found this on the computer.  Despite the poor quality, it's plenty clear that the boys were having quite a bit of fun on the webcam.  I'm still wondering where I was when all this was happening because there are several recordings.  But, what I love the best is that they were having fun together. 

Nathaniel took over the singing at the beginning.  Jude's doing a whole lot of background dancing, and I'm pretty sure Ethan was responsible for the visual effects.

and please pay no attention to the mess behind them, it has since been somewhat tidied.

And for their grandparents, who I"m sure will ask me to translate the lyrics. here they are. (accuracy to the original is completely unknown)
Compassion and mercy from you to me and me to you and you to me
Exactly what God wants to see, and yes that is the point. Hey!
Jonah was a prophet, ooh-ooh
But he never really got it, it's sad but true
If you want you can spot it, doodly-doo,
He did not get the point
It's true in your life, you probably don't ride on a camel
or you won't wake up inside a large aquatic mammal
So in your life, there's something you can do
 Everyone deserves a second chance from you.