spring days


spring, finally.  we see dandelions everywhere. so yellow. gorgeous.
[as long as it's not growing in our yard, according to the mister]

i have received so many boy-handled gifts this past week.  we have a little collection basket by the front door for all these sorts of precious bounty.
even the youngest has contributed.
we've had many walks.

we've enjoyed the neighborhood park.

we've snuck in some learning outside school.  he's making mommy's grocery list which ended up being mostly pictoral.


his little brother snatched up the paper to try it himself.

we've reacquainted ourselves with all the fun, mostly-thrifted outdoor toys and shared them with our neighbors.

we've enjoyed dinner al fresco as much as we can.  the boys enjoy it so much and it makes clean up so much easier for mama.


Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Im so happy that blogger is FINALLY working for me again so I can comment. Love the pics, eps the food(go figure). Youre making my belly growl.
Casey was in town this past weekend and a get-together had been planned. I was soo looking forward to it then ended up flat on my back sick with a nasty sinus/head cold. Grrrr:(

ohio bec said... Best Blogger Tips

beautiful update and i want to be invited over for that dinner!!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

great update. and yes the dinner looks very good! -benj