a late start

With everything else that's been going on like little one's graduating and brother's getting engaged and not to mention the slow start to spring and still cool temperatures, we have just started to clean out our garden.  I am planning on not doing so much this year for several reasons.  For one, we expect to travel to the East Coast right around peak harvest.  I've also signed up with a CSA this summer and given that we have one more planned year here (oh my!) I don't want to overstock our pantries and freezers with goodness that we won't be able to move.

All that being said, it is nearly impossible to sit inside and leave the garden space unused... for me or the littles!  We found a stack of books about gardening at the library, and I believe the boys have been inspired.  Both yesterday and today, they have been quite eager to "get to gardening" and have gone out without me to start digging and cleaning out the incredible abundance of weeds in our little beds.

ezra usually hangs out in the stroller

but we let him out, so he could get his feet and hands wet.
We've got one more bed to weed out and then we've got some heirloom tomatoes and peppers to put in.   We'll also be doing some beans, peas, beets, radishes, kale, and carrots.  We may even put in some eggplant and okra -- but they do like warm temps which we haven't felt much.

of course, he ended up right in the middle of things
 I let the boys have one garden bed all for themselves.  They planted it with sunflowers, cosmos, and nasturtium.  I was going for larger seeds and easy to grow plants.  I do hope they come out.  They also have marigolds, but I like to co-plant those with the veggies to help with insects and such.  I did sneakily sprinkle in some chamomile in their bed too.  I know I won't have lots for tea, but I would like to try just a small batch.  How fun to make my own tea! 

my dwarves tire quickly though.  then they go play.  ezra loves the slide.  and his brothers love toting him around.  i am so glad to finally have this totally ezra-smile on film.

oh look, he found our little sandbox.  sand and water... hours of delight.  but first, i must remember to buy more sand.


rebecca said... Best Blogger Tips

i love pictures of ezra. so tell me, you think a sandbox is a good idea? do they track in a lot of sand, or does it mostly shake off before they enter the house?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

i agree with obec...love me some ezra pics!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

oh, and making your own tea is lots of fun. i used to do it so much more in college, but only recently got my hands back into drying herbs for poultices and natural body care (face wash, and hair mud mask). i remember gifty and I going crazy at the herb store during our college years! :)