Door County, WI: Nature Walk {1}

A few weeks ago, we travelled several hours away from home leaving behind the routine, chores, and school workbooks to tag along with the mister at a conference.   After all the packing and loading up and running in and out of the house for that one last thing, we drove off, and I think took a collective deep breath.  Sometimes, being away from the usual is just what's needed.  We took walks, drew, read, sat on the sofa, cooked simple meals, went to the beach, and caught up with the mr. as much as we could.

{There are so many pictures, I think I'll have post them separately.}

I have been wanting to get the boys started on a nature journal for school... so on the first morning, we went on a nature walk around the lodge armed with a camera and a bag to collect treasures.  With four boys, trust me, there are lots of treasures.  We walked, we explored, we rested, and Jude found a friend.  He named him "Jumpy" and we spent a lot of time with said cricket.  Nathaniel would plead to let the cricket get back to his family, Jude would concede, and then filled with regret, he and Ethan would run off to search for Jumpy again.  Of course, the littlest one is the best impersonator and so just like his brothers, Ezra went in search of his own critters.  He found some ants that he wanted to befriend, but he couldn't quite keep up with them.  Good for the ants, I'm thinking. 

Nathaniel has been really interested in taking photos and it's always fascinating to see things from his perspective. 


Cassandra Louise said... Best Blogger Tips

When did your boys get so big?!?! :)