Door County, WI: The Beach {2}

Truth be told, the mister and I would rather be at the top of a cool mountain than sitting on a hot beach.  Yes, it's beautiful and it's fun to play in the water and the sand... but it's also hot.  Not so on this trip, and I just might have changed my mind about the beach.  The weather was lovely... sunny but not terribly hot with just the right amount of wind and occasional cloud cover to make me want to come to the beach repeatedly. 

The children were delighted.  They made sand castles that seemed to have a decidedly mexican flair (think sombrero).  But, hey they were without any tools, and they were so pleased with their creations.  The water was a bit cool but with the sun, it was pleasant.  They ran in and out, playing, splashing, and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  They collected rocks, dug their fingers into the moist, thick sand and got as wet and sandy as they possibly could. 


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww! I am loving your simple telling and wonderful photos!!! Hugs dear one. I realized recently that I get to spend all of eternity with you, so no worries about missing you for a while longer down here. <3
MB Lynn

faith said... Best Blogger Tips


MaryBeth, You are so great! I am certainly hoping to visit my second home sooner than later.. now we'll just have to see how God can work that out. :)