Door County, WI: Fish Creek {3}

I love the names of these small towns right by Green Bay.  We stayed in Egg Harbor where there are so many shops selling locally grown apples, plums and other yummies. I brought home some pumpkin butter and apricot jam and lots of fresh fruit. At one of the shops, they enjoyed apple cider popsicles and several turns around a huge apple on little dirt bikes.  There were also a plentitude of antique shops. I had to restrain myself from entering though... I figured that one mamma with four boys under six and plenty of delicate items might cause unnecessary angst for all involved. 

We also made the quick drive to the next town, Fish Creek.  We enjoyed some frozen custard by the marina, let Nathaniel take lots of pictures, sat and watched ducks for a good long while, and walked around a quaint 'spring through fall' town.  Of course, I stopped at the local coffee and chocolate shop where I was told that most everyone leaves the town after the first of November.  I can just imagine how cold, gray, and windy it must be in the winter.  But approaching the end of the summer, it was perfection.


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The mister does know how to take a pretty picture of you faith... love the last one of you and EZRA