my pupils

At school today, we had:

The captain pirate (L) and his brave knight (R)

The industrious artist

And of course, the class clown.

 When I looked around the table, I just couldn't help chuckling at how unique and interesting they all are, and then I ran off to quickly get my camera.


Handbags*N*Pigtails said... Best Blogger Tips

Its something that constantly amazes me unique my girls are from one another, yet they get along so well.
Our God is amazing isnt He?:) Miss you!

Dayennu said... Best Blogger Tips

I see EZRA has joined the class ... how do you get them all to sit down!

faith said... Best Blogger Tips


Rohini - I can't really. Ezra insists on doing everything his brothers do and then after a few minutes, he will climb up on the table and start wreaking havoc... so I am always looking for some unplayed with toy or something else to distract him.